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Why Miss Mandy For Online English Learning?

Learning a language demands consistent effort and dedication. Learn and use English like a pro with Mandy Mercy. The Harvard Graduate along with a Higher Education Teaching Certificate offers 1:1 private tuition to interested students for international English language exams. Her teaching style and communication with students have made her popular among students.

Miss Mandy offers online classes to students from around the world. The interactive lessons are provided through multimedia resources. The one-on-one sessions, personalised notes and handouts make it easier for the students to master the language. The teaching method ensures that students get complete exposure to and develop a better understanding of the subject. Miss Mandy’s natural teaching style and tested and proven pedagogy make learning easy and consistent for the students.

Miss Mandy offers complete teaching support to students aspiring for academic success in O-Level English Language, English Literature, A-Level General Paper, English Literature, IB Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay at the Secondary School, Junior College, and International Baccalaureate Diploma levels, respectively.

Miss Mandy Mercy  provides online lessons worldwide via Zoom and face-to-face lessons within Singapore.

Interactive Online Lessons Taught

One-On-One Sessions Provided

Multimedia Resources Used

Personalised Notes and Handouts Given

Worldwide Students-Base Established

Expert Feedback and Customised Model Answers Shared

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