Miss Mandy’s English Language tuition was very useful as my marks in the past were always around 70 and 72. I always wanted to increase my grades for English but I have no idea what to do even though I have signed up for English tuition classes. I did make some early success there but my highest grade there was only 76 marks during my three years there. Now that I have joined Miss Mandy’s Tuition, I had way better results than before, with 92 marks being my highest score. Miss Mandy’s explanations are easy to understand and I can just simply analyse and learn it without being brain-dead. She is very knowledgeable and when I ask her what the meaning of a certain word is, she will answer in an instant without a moment of thinking at all. The explanations were easy to understand and the examination papers Miss Mandy gave are also very reasonable as she started off the first day with a CA paper. As I soon started to be good in my CA papers, she will start to give increasingly difficult papers like SA papers from top schools. She is also very willing to help when students have academic-related problems. Her lessons are very well-planned out as sometimes, she will give me compositions, oral practice or comprehension passages when examination papers are driving me crazy. I think this is a great tuition to go to if you are weak in your English, or otherwise.

-Ang Ding Xuan, Primary 6

Miss Mandy’s English Literature tuition was very useful, especially because I was unclear of how to analyse poems such as Shakespearean sonnets, but I managed to understand it in a fun and unique way. She knew a lot of sonnets and even knew the number of the sonnets. She also has a lot of google docs which are rich in vocabulary and context of the poem/theme/book, and it is very helpful to read before the exams. The most useful part is learning in an unique way, such as viewing videos, because it helps me remember them better.

-Cheah Yanni, Secondary 2

I have been learning from Mandy for around 1 year now. I started learning from her because I was struggling with issues of motivation and in writing essays in English Literature and Language. I was also unaware of the proper technique required to write English essays and the time management skills required. Mandy helped me learn the proper techniques, time management regarding essays as well as how to, in great detail, analyse pieces of literature. With her help as a tutor, I was able to achieve level 9 in English Language and 8 in English Literature, when I was initially projected to achieve 6 in both exams.

Currently, I am learning TOK-related skills, English Literature and EE tips from her as to help me in all my English-related components of the IB program. I am sure she will help me improve some components in the IB Diploma which are crucial to achieve my target total score and look forward to learning from her over the rest of my studies in the IB Diploma!

-Aryan Jauhari, IGCSE, IB Diploma

In the two IELTS speaking training sessions, Miss Mandy provided loads of constructive feedback on my grammatical accuracy and lexical resource, as well as suggesting alternative ideas to respond to speaking questions. The lessons were intensive and I was given lots of practice questions as homework. Miss Mandy’s training greatly helped me prepare for my IELTS exam.

-Zhang Ji, 4th year student, National University of Singapore

As someone who has a passion for the languages and arts, having Ms Mandy as my English Literature and English Language tutor has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. She has helped to open my eyes and see the world in the many different perspectives and to find deeper meanings in everything that I read. I’m always amazed by her point of view and her skills in English, which serves as a motivation for me to further improve in my fluency of the language. I wouldn’t want to have any other Literature and English tutor!

-Nicole Tuazon, Secondary 4

Ms Mandy is a very approachable teacher that invites her students to freely express their thoughts or to sound out any concerns, during and outside of lessons. She does not shy away from difficult challenges, instead, she encourages her students and faces them boldly together. She is definitely one of the most hard-working and busiest teachers you will ever have, despite her busy schedule and ample students to help, she ensures that every student under her tutelage receives sufficient attention— she is regularly seen online on Whatsapp up till 4 AM in the morning, replying and reassuring me of my worries. To merely call Ms Mandy a ‘teacher’ is truly an understatement, as she goes beyond the expectations of a teacher out of sheer selflessness.

-Zen Goh Zi Yi, Junior College Year 2

Miss Mandy is a great teacher. She taught me many tips and tricks that helped me significantly in my exams. Writing techniques that are really hard to learn became easy after her classes. She is also a great writer that displays her wide range of knowledge to her students. I would highly recommend her tuition!

-Ti Hao Jiet, Secondary 4

She teaches strategically with different books. She is a good teacher!
I got a grade higher than usual last year for my PSLE!

-Tharane, Secondary 1

Ms Mandy has helped me greatly, and assisted me in improving my command of English. She has taught me both reading and writing skills, allowing me to score better in my English exams. Ms Mandy is always very cheerful which makes lessons fun and enjoyable! My Language Arts has improved. I used to barely pass but I can achieve ‘A’ grade now. Ms Mandy is very knowledgeable. She possesses much knowledge on writing and reading skills.

-Joshua Lim, Year 4, Integrated Programme

The tuition sessions were fun. They were very beneficial in terms of teaching me the inferential skills required for literature passages and poetry analysis!

-Periya Ramasamy, Secondary 1

I find Miss Mandy’s tuition extremely knowledgeable. They have helped me gain a better understanding of English grammar and drastically improved my writing skills. The guidance provided during non-tuition hours is really helpful and very much appreciated. I find the tuition really helpful, I have seen the difference between the “before” and “after” in the grades of my assignments. I get better with each week due to the guidance of Miss Mandy. I am currently on top of my class! She has great knowledge, all assignments that I have submitted which she has helped correct and explain the mistakes to me have always turned out to be 100% correct. Her writings and ideas have also inspired me. Clear explanations of concepts!

-Khushi Jauhari, Journalism Major, University

She’s caring and she always asks us how our week or day was before lessons started and she tries to mark our work as soon as possible and make up for the time lost during lessons if she was late. Additionally, whenever I give her my extra work which I have done, she will mark it too. She also gave us a dictionary each and printed out a lot of examples of compositions for us. She is very knowledgeable and she explains the answers well and why other answers cannot be accepted and  in compositions, she gave feedback which I have learnt from. I improved in my GCE O Level English, going from C6 to B3!

-Jess Lee, Junior College Year 1

Miss Mandy is an extremely patient teacher. She puts in consistent effort in trying to help me improve. Ms Mandy also helped me gain confidence in my English language. Through her guidance and encouragement, she has helped me become a more confident writer. Miss Mandy’s teaching is clear and easy to understand. She also has many of her own resources which she shares with her students to help them improve the quality of their work in both English and Literature. Ms Mandy is knowledgeable and can find an answer to all sorts of questions. What I found most valuable and useful from the tuition sessions were the extra resources given such as other schools’ papers and extra notes for English and Literature!

-Leong Sau Kei, Secondary 4

Miss Mandy’s tuition has helped me to improve my English. I am very indebted to your teaching because it has helped me to grasp more skills. She is very knowledgeable as she has a huge base of vocabulary. She knows a lot of words and there is nothing that she is not certain of! The most helpful aspect of her tuition were her model essays!

-Ong Qi Wen, Secondary 4

Amazing teacher! My composition marks went from a “Fail” grade to 25 out of 30 marks! Miss Mandy has excellent vocabulary skills. The best part of the tuition sessions was her teaching of composition and comprehension skills!

-Mandy Chu, Secondary 2

She is very good in her language skills, provides relevant feedback and helps one with academics professionally! I improved from a C6 to B3! She is very knowledgeable and I benefited greatly from her teaching skills!

-Hanson Tan, Secondary 4