Book Title:

Word Magic: Unleash Your Imagination with Creative Writing for Kids

Author: Mandy

This book is a useful guide for the English Language Paper 1: Composition Writing skills.

This is my most recent guide book on Creative Writing: SHOW NOT TELL & the 5 SENSES which contains a list of good words and phrases that students can use to write their compositions.

A Sneak Peek into the Creative Writing Skills Covered in the Book:

This book also offers some pictorial images to help memorise each good word and phrase by its “feeling” category.

In addition, a table of synonyms is given to let students know which commonly-used words to avoid using in their creative writing; instead, a list of useful words and phrases has been provided to help them substitute for these commonly-used words.

Overall, this would be a handy guide on Creative Writing for any student of the English Language, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced in their learning journey…